The Ultimate Way To Hide Your TV

image credit:  A Cup of Jo

image credit: A Cup of Jo

For most of us, we only have one living space in our homes and therefore it has to be multi-functional - spending family time, entertaining guests, reading, having movie nights or even playing video games. (If you have separate rooms to accommodate each of the activities above, well lucky you!) For the design conscious (yes, that includes you and me!), we want this room to be stylish, functional and packed with personality. So you source the best furniture that you could afford, and complete the look with on-trend accessories - et voila! You sit down with a nice cup of tea (or a glass of wine) in hand to celebrate all your hard work. Then slowly you realised something's not quite right... there's a black hole in the wall! Ah no, it's the TV!


The Ultimate Way To Hide Your TV -

The Mode & Motif House - yes that TV is an eye sore when we are not having a Netflix night!

I am not going to pretend - I love my TV. Even with the limited access to our favourite British channels these days, we very much enjoy our movie / Netflix nights - the 55" screen + sound system contributed a lot to this (taking the advantage of buying electronics in Singapore) and we just won't settle for a small screen or tablet (leave it for your commute!) But let me point out the elephant in the room - no matter how slim and space-saving contemporary TVs are, they are still rather ugly on display when not being used and create this 'blackhole' on the wall When's the last time you spotted a TV in an interior magazine? 

For a long time creative people out there have been finding ways to hide the TV, to 'make it disappear'. Interior designers have been asked this question all the time in the brief. Vintage cabinet, gallery wall, paint the entire wall black - you can find so many inspiration and ideas on Pinterest alone. But is that all? What if we can actually change the appearance of the TV itself... to this? Yes that's right! You are looking at a TV - believe it or not!

The Ultimate Way To Hide Your TV -

Together with Samsung, the product designer Yves Béhar and his team Fuse Project developed probably the most beautiful TV to date - THE FRAME. The idea came from the question: "Why are there billions of TV screens out there on people's walls that right now... are black?" I believe there were similar attempts in the past but this is really something else. Béhar and Samsung challenged the way how displays/screens are brought into people's homes. 2.5 years later we have an answer - a TV that doubles as an art display when it's off. 

The Ultimate Way To Hide Your TV -
The Ultimate Way To Hide Your TV -
The Ultimate Way To Hide Your TV -

The design is painstakingly detailed and it's not just another digital photo frame (remember those?) or a screensaver. The TV itself looks like a real picture frame (comes with 3 customisable frames) which can hang flush to the wall. You can choose the colour of the 'mount' and how the images are displayed. You can upload and display your own photos, or choose from a carefully curated collection of 100+ works by celebrated contemporary artists across different medium and cultures. So our fickle minds are looked after - especially for new art collectors - to try out different genres and find one that suits your personality and style is not easy - now you can try it out without paying the hefty price for the real thing (yet). Below are a few that caught my eye:

The TV is cable-free (of course) and you can simply connect your other devices to the TV through the One Connect Box and hide everything in the console. Even Marie Kondo would approve!

The most genius feature that sets The Frame apart from the rest, is the brightness and motion sensor. The brightness sensor detects the ambient light of the room (natural or artificial) and adjust the display so that the art looks realistic at all times. With the motion sensor it turns itself off when you leave the room to save energy. Pretty cool huh? As for the technical bits, I'll let you read the specs on the official website. All I can tell you it's 4K UHD which is pretty on top of the range.

The Frame TV is definitely a great example of good design - something that change the way people live and their experience. It's not just about being fashionable. And once again it proves that rules and norms can be broken - just like how people couldn't have imagined having motion pictures in the little black box in the first place.

Would you invest in design products that change the way you live? What are the other essentials in your home that you wish would turn into an artwork? Let me know in the comment box below or share this article with your friends - would love to hear your thoughts! And please don't forget to sign up to the newsletter to receive updates on new posts and other exclusive design ideas!


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