What's Your Vision For 2018?

Hello you and Happy New Year! How did you celebrate the holiday season? Whether you spent it at home or abroad, I wish you a successful and prosperous year ahead. And to the new readers, a very warm WELCOME and I hope to see you here often!

How did 2017 look for you? Last year has been one full of change and at times unsettling for us - it marked our first anniversary living out here in Singapore;  did quite a bit of soul searching, seeing crossroads and hitting a few brick walls; enjoyed life in the tropics and lots of great food (way too important) and finally, perhaps the most exciting of all, is that I've finally taken the first serious step to become an interior designer. I've just finished my first term at KLC (nine more to go!) so if you're interested in finding out what it's really like make sure you come back as I share my thoughts and highlights with you all.

How To Make A Vision Board - Mode & Motif

Time to set new goals and action plans. image source

After all the celebrations and indulgence, I think it's only fair to set some new goals and make action plans (well, mainly to justify more treats and fun because we so deserve them right?) Now, not sure if you're a list person, but I find the traditional list of new year resolutions rather uninspiring - it actually makes me stressed. After spending many hours creating this 'perfect' list with a lot of wishful/unrealistic goals, I only find myself being fed up just after a few weeks and throw everything out of the window. (Please tell me I'm not the only one...)

If there's a chance to visualise an idea, I'm there. Seeing is believing, RIGHT? So, why don't I approach it like a design project? With the help of a broader concept I can then break things down into smaller, specific goals every month or quarter that are much more achievable. 

With that in mind, let's make a vision board for 2018! If you haven't heard of it before, it's like a mood / concept board that contains images, illustrations and keywords to explain an idea and style. But this board is all about you.


How to Make A Vision Board - Mode & Motif

The lovely Sarah Akwisombe made one last year and I felt ever so inspired. It's really easy and quick to do - a fun task for the weekend (whenever, really!) You'll need a piece of cardboard (I used an A4 but feel free to use A3 or whatever size that works for you), scissors or retractable knife, adhesive and old magazines you have in the house. It doesn't really matter what magazines you use, because sometimes the best inspiration comes from the least expected source. 

How To Make A Vision Board - Mode & Motif

Gathering ideas for the vision board aka making a mess with magazine clippings scattering everywhere...

Got everything? Let's make a nice cup of tea and get started. First of all it would be helpful to write down a few keywords that you want to focus on this year - what you want to BE, DO and HAVE. Don't overthink and keep things simple. (For example, I want to focus on PROGRESS, MINDFULNESS, ECO, LUXURY and CONFIDENCE this year) Then, go through and cut out the images and words that jump out at you or represent your keywords (don't worry so much about numbers at this stage). Once you have more than enough to play with, pick the images that you like the most, arrange according to the category (and visually too if you can) and when you're happy with it, stick them on the board et voila!

How To Make A Vision Board - Mode & Motif

This is my finished board. I like it neat but you can arrange the images in different angles, make a spiral, overlap, whatever that makes you happy really. (Trust me, it's rather addictive) While I know it's tempting to make a giant board with many images or even multiple boards, but I suggest keeping things simple so that it doesn't clutter your mind.

So here are some of the things that I wanted to focus on this year:

PROGRESS - to continue the good work in my course, keep thinking outside the box, save money for the house and to learn driving (eh-hem!); MINDFULNESS - to embrace the imperfect life, find balance; ECO - to make more effort to reduce impact to the environment, support eco-friendly products; LUXURY - to reduce unnecessary purchase but focus on good quality products and experience; CONFIDENCE - to trust my instinct more and apologise less!

Well, there might be a few more goals (but I'm going to let you guess) You can either write sentences on the board to elaborate specific goals and idea, or in your planner if you want to keep track on your progress. Remember, keep it short and sweet. Focus more on the action.

So what do you think? Will you make one this weekend? If you've made one before, how do you find it? Do share and tell what your vision is for the new year, and more importantly how do you keep yourself motivated! (I think we all need it)

Here's to a year with vision and fruition!