Make Classic Rattan Chair A Statement In Your Contemporary Home

If I say rattan furniture, what sort of styles come to your mind? Colonial, Tropical, Coastal, Boho, or Granny?? I love a good old rattan chair for it's exotic feel and tropical vibe, but there's always a danger of looking outdated. There is no doubt that rattan is having a major comeback at the moment, and it's not exclusive to the Bohemian or Coastal styles! While searching for a statement rattan chair to go to our modern living room, this week I am going to share a few great ideas and inspiration that I love out there.

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The Marc Newson rattan lounger looks equally great in a monochromatic scheme and the other room with pops of colour.

This coastal home opted for hues of orange and red as opposed to the more traditional blue. The rattan armchairs added extra warmth to the scheme.

Don't always go matchy matchy. An eclectic style gives a more real, lived in feel to any home. Here the Ikea rattan chair in black coordinates with the coffee table, picture frames and lamp, even though they are of different styles.

If the natural colour doesn't work in your space, why not colour your rattan chair and make it a real statement? 

If space is an issue and you only want to just have a touch of the texture, opt for an ottoman instead of a chair.

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These vintage style chairs with metal work their charm in a Provence hotel as well as a contemporary house. I particularly love the contrast of the brass lamps and the sculptural like chair, tied together with the green palette.

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Lacquer and rattan. What's not to love? I will work there every day! 

A more substantial version of the iconic peacock chair, which has been the most pinned rattan chair in recent years. Here it is used as part of an eclectic collection of dining chairs, against the white backdrop. The black rattan pendant pulled everything together.

These are more like woven sea grass chairs than rattan, and probably the type that we would want to give away. But here paired with a quirky glass dining table and pink seating pad echoing the painting, outdated is probably the last word you'd say about this room.

So what do you say? Feeling tempted? Don't turn away from rattan chairs next time you decorate your home even if Boho is not your cup of tea. Let me know your experience of decorating with rattan and your thoughts below!

Till next time!