5 Easy Home Office Updates to Increase Your Productivity


As summer (at least for the Northern Hemisphere) gradually fades away, it's time for us to get back to the working mode. I always feel once we hit September, the rest of the year will just go so quickly and I'm sure we will be celebrating NYE 2018 before we knew it! 

For those who work from home, sometimes the line between work and rest/play is so blurred and one could easily get distracted or even stressed out because there just seem to be no separation between the two. Whether you are trying to get rid of the post-holiday blues or increase your productivity, here are my 5 quick tips to refresh your work space and embrace all the positive vibes in the long months ahead!



Sounds pretty obvious but many of us are guilty of hoarding (myself included!)... What's covering your precious office and desk space? Old documents because 'just in case'? Catalogues and magazines? Old gadgets or things that just don't belong there? It's time to be real and go through them. Recycle. Resell. Donate. Consider scanning the documents, resell the old phone if you've just upgraded to the latest model, or give away the novels that you are unlikely to read again. Of course, in reality, it's impossible to get rid of EVERYTHING. Try to choose wisely and keep only the things that are most relevant and make you happy. After deciding which items to keep, a good storage system can help keeping your desk clutter free. 



Whether you run your own business from home or work in a traditional office, most of us have to sit at your desk for long hours. While it is tempting to choose a stylish chair that makes your space look great, the comfort and support of the chair is crucial to our health and productivity. If possible, invest in a good quality chair that would stand the test of time and dress it with a throw or cushion to compliment the current decor. Trust me, your lower back and bum will thank you. If you prefer standing, a standing desk helps save space and you can get bar stool or standing support when you want to give your legs a rest.



There's no such thing as having too many plants in an urban home. Plants don't just inject a bit of nature and life into our living space, looking at greenery also helps reducing strain on the eyes from staring at the screen for long hours. Many indoor plants can purify toxins in the indoor air. Clean air helps us maintain a clear head and increase productivity. No wonder house plants contribute to good Feng Shui. Some of my favourites and popular choices include rubber plant, snake plant, money plant, English ivy and various types of Dracaena.



This is the one place that can be an exception and let your creative juice flow. It is more difficult to achieve if you work in a traditional office, but in your own home office / studio, an inspiration wall can really help motivate and make your space personal. It's easy to update, budget-friendly and fun to do. To make it more like a sophisticated studio than a college dorm, ditch the cheesy idol posters for the 'pin-worthy' images - vignettes of your current projects, holiday pictures, inspirational quotes, thank you or invitation cards. Consider the overall colour palette, style of images, and don't forget to add interest such as textures and layers.



Does your work space bright enough during the day? Do you work through the night? A well planned lighting scheme will change the game for good. Position task lighting such as table lamp correctly to avoid harsh shadows (are you left or right-handed?), add soft ambient / general lighting to the surrounding space so reduce harsh contrast that causes strain on the eyes. A floor lamp in the corner, or bookcase lamps are good options if you want to add more 'layers'.

Hope this easy guide helps you easing your way back to the working mode! What are the other home office tips and tricks that you can't live without? Share in the comment box below!

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